Please note: This is an on-site position in Copenhagen, Denmark. Applications for remote work will not be considered.

So, it turns out that managing a handful of API’s, a recruiter-facing product and a couple of secondary stealth products is time-consuming and requires UX work. Who knew?

Result is that here are lots of loose ends on the UX / product side at Relink just begin for knots. Thus, we seek a kind soul with experience in UX wizardry.

But first, a bit about us. We use machine learning algorithms and big data to match people to jobs, but we use user research and human-centric design thinking to change the way we gather that data from people.

Broadly speaking, you’ll be working directly with our core data science team to design and develop new products. You have strong opinions about new tech products, are ultimately wrong more often than you are right, and are proud to admit so to everyone (except to that one journalist who called you a douche).

As a designer on our team, your job will be to fully understand and empathize with recruiters, applicants, and every step of the job application process. You will be in charge of the formal product design processes. You will spend every day thinking about the future of labor markets and how we can get rid of search boxes and classified ads.

We want you to:

  • Know the future. Have strong idea of where tech interfaces are heading, have strong opinions and be able to defend them well.
  • Have a solid background in and deep love for user research; both as a concept and as a day-to-day sometimes-boring-but-always-valuable reality.
  • Some work experience, seriously. You are fluent in modern software product development, such as Lean UX and design thinking.
  • Translate ideas into prototypes and interfaces. Super important to test and validate ideas and communicate those to engineers
  • Have a deep interest in the possibilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence to change the way we interact.
  • Have a deep suspicion about modern trends and sexy presentations regarding the way machine learning and artificial intelligence will change the way we interact.